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Ruth Bader Ginsburg

March 15, 1933 ·

Neither federal nor state government acts compatibly with equal protection when a law or official policy denies to women, simply because they are women, full citizenship stature - equal opportunity to aspire, achieve, participate in and contribute to society based on their individual talents and capacities.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1996) ·

Dissents speak to a future age. It's not simply to say, 'My colleagues are wrong and I would do it this way.' But the greatest dissents do become court opinions and gradually over time their views become the dominant view. So that's the dissenter's hope: that they are writing not for today but for tomorrow.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2002) ·

The emphasis must not be on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1974) ·

I can’t imagine what this place would be — I can’t imagine what the country would be — with Donald Trump as our president. For the country, it could be four years. For the court, it could be — I don’t even want to contemplate that.

- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (2016) ·