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Tupac Shakur

June 16, 1971 - September 13, 1996 ·

Accept no substitutes; I bring truth to the youth.

- Tupac Shakur (1993) ·

And yes, I am gonna say that I'm a thug, that's because I came from the gutter and I'm still here!

- Tupac Shakur (1994) ·

Jail is big business, believe me. I'm in jail, I see the big business. You can feed a whole town off one jail. This jail is in the middle of a town that feeds everybody. Everybody works here, this is the main income. So if there were no criminals, nobody would work.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

Prison kills your spirit, straight up. It kills your spirit. There is no creativity, there's none of that.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

The only thing that can kill me is death, that's the only thing that can ever stop me, is death, and even then my music will live forever.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

I'm tired of bein' poor and, even worse, I'm black.

- Tupac Shakur (1996) ·

I see no changes, all I see is racist faces.
Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

Instead of war on poverty. They got a war on drugs so the police can bother me. And I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

Some say the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice. I say the darker the flesh, then the deeper the roots.

- Tupac Shakur (1995) ·

They say I'm wrong and I'm heartless, but all along. I was lookin' for a father, he was gone. I hung around with the thugs. And even though they sold drugs. They showed a young brother love.

- Tupac Shakur (1992) ·